Our staffed pregnancy consultants are specially trained, they understand what you are going through, and would be more than willing to help you with your concerns on a one-on-one basis.

Pregnancy Tests

Free laboratory quality pregnancy tests (immediate results)


Limited obstetrics ultrasound for pregnancy confirmation

Pregnancy Choices

• Information on pregnancy, abortion and alternatives
• Adoption support and referrals
• Information on RU486 and the morning after pill

Pregnancy Counseling

Confidential client advocate counseling

Support and Referrals

• Short and long-term support
• Referrals for medical care, community resources and agencies

Post Abortion Support

Abortion recovery care and education

Baby Store

Diapers and baby clothes

Baby Care and Parenting Classes

Newborn-6 months:

Going it alone • What's safe, what isn't  • Bonding with your unborn baby •Understanding your baby's cry •Unborn baby's secret world •Newborn care • Car seat safety •You were healthy baby

Toddlers: 1-2 years:

Talk, play, music & reading •Discipline – teaching limits with love •Food for growth •Happiest baby on the block •Returning to work •Life with toddler •12 to 15 months: temper tantrum's •The terrible twos •Is the happiest toddler •Bedtime struggles

Educational Classes

• Earn While You Learn (EWYL)
• Sexually transmitted disease education

We care.

We can help.

We are here for you.